Adam Stanley is a freelance journalist, media personality, and Canadian golf influencer.

He is available for writing and multimedia assignments throughout Canada for local and international outlets, and available to travel anywhere in the world to contribute to Canadian outlets.

He mostly writes about golf (the people, places, and things), with a focus on the professional game. However, he also has extensive experience writing on amateurs, equipment, fashion, and golf courses themselves.

Adam is available for Familiarization (FAM) trips. He shares about the places he goes via social media, however, he has written travel stories on destinations from across North America to Europe and back again.

Although Adam’s main focus is golf, he writes frequently for the Report on Business on a variety of subjects including, but not limited to: Small Businesses (and their challenges), Business Education, Startups, and Real Estate.

Finally, Adam is a consultant who specializes in the following: social media campaign execution and brand management, media relations, overall communications plans, email marketing, and website copywriting.

If you have a story idea or product you’d like to pitch, if you’re a television or radio network looking for an analyst, or if you’re a golf business looking for a refreshed communications strategy (that includes an experienced journalist and social media specialist) you can email Adam today.


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