PUMA Golf launches new line-up of earphones

For a while now, it’s not been uncommon to see the incomparable white headphones peeking out of golfer’s ears on practice greens or driving ranges.

PUMA Golf is the first company to really take notice of this trend and have announced the release of two athletic-styles of earphones, the Pro-Performance and the El Diego.

PUMA El Diego (L) | PUMA Pro-Performance (R)
PUMA El Diego (L) | PUMA Pro-Performance (R)

Both are available in colourful fashions. Not unexpected of PUMA Golf, given it’s sponsorship of flamboyant young superstar Rickie Fowler.

The Pro-Performance is available in black, pink, and vibrant orange – which is a given, as PUMA Golf practically become synonymous  with ‘vibrant orange’ because of Fowler’s continued success.

The El Diego is available in black, pink, vibrant orange, and red.

“We are always looking for innovation and unique ways to develop our business that push the industry forward,” said Bob Philion, president of Cobra PUMA Golf in a news release.

Each earphone product also features a microphone to allow for answering phone calls, as well as volume and play & pause controls.

These are clearly earphones for the connected golfer.

To take things a step further, PUMA Golf has also introduced ‘PUMA Golf Beats’ a Spotify application hosted on Facebook featuring the playlists of PUMA staff golfers including Fowler, 2012 PGA Tour winner Jonas Blixt and LPGA stars Lexi Thompson and Blair O’Neal.

The new line-up of earphones, along with it’s social media campaign connects PUMA Golf to the same market it’s trying to reach with its clothes, and Cobra Golf through it’s clubs. Focusing on the passion of music for this target is an interesting take to get them more involved with the respective brands.

“The PUMA Golf Audio Collection fulfills a major opportunity in the market, bringing advanced technology to the golf course in a very relevant and fun way,” explained Philion.

Cobra PUMA Golf are going all-in from a product perspective for 2013 – from clubs to clothes to accessories – and are likely hoping that the off-course  innovations will translate to on-course success for its staff players.

Now that would be music to their ears.

Learn more about the PUMA Golf Beats Facebook application here: http://bit.ly/pumagolfbeats. The Pro-Performance is set to retail for $79.99 and the El Diego for $59.99


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