City of Toronto golf courses see increase in revenue, rounds played

Golf courses managed by the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division of the City of Toronto saw an increase in both revenues and rounds played for 2012.

An email from the auditor general’s office for the City confirms that 167,815 rounds of golf were played on the City’s golf courses last year.

The total net revenue for the year is approximately $975,000.

Both numbers may be subject to year-end adjustments, however, they represent increases on both fronts.

The 167,815 rounds played is an increase of 11,815 from the 156,000 played in 2011.

More interestingly, the net revenue is up $454,000 from 2011.

The City of Toronto owns five golf courses: Dentonia Park Golf Course, Don Valley Golf Course, Humber Valley Golf Course, Scarlett Woods Golf Course, and Tam O’Shanter Golf Course.

A review of the management of the City of Toronto’s golf courses was completed in September 2012 and can be found here.


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