Today’s Touch: Out in the STIX

The world we live in has become increasingly – almost entirely – digital and for better or worse, publishers of the written word have had to adapt to this fact.

There are saddening stories of bookshops going out of business, and printed novels, magazines, and newspapers being eliminated completely; however, with this comes exciting new formats for people to engage with content of their choosing.

The world of golf has not been immune to this change, and a very recent example of an intriguing digital-only publication is Golf Digest’s weekly online update, appropriately called STIX.

STIX (Source: Golf Digest)
STIX (Source: Golf Digest)

STIX made its debut in late January, and has already gained a lot of successful traction in the golf world.

It features content from both Golf Digest and Golf World’s contributors and focuses on golf equipment, gadgets, fashion, and apparel. Simply put, the kind of golfer who would be active in the digital space, would likely be interested with these kinds of stories.

No long-reads here.

Quarter page stories, vibrant photography, videos, and shareable content reigns supreme here. It’s simple, mobile format is perfect for the golfer on-the-go.

STIX has regular features including “Winner’s Bag” (from the previous Sunday), style suggestions from Golf Digest fashion editor Marty Hackel, reviews of new equipment and breakdowns of equipment trends, video segments of industry insiders (this week’s was on Callaway CEO Chip Brewer), and debates on equipment rules.

It’s a great way to connect with a youthful, high-tech demographic that golf has struggled with.

“This is the first time we’ve had a platform like this to showcase the vast knowledge of our equipment and fashion editors on a weekly basis,” said Golf Digest Senior Editor Peter Finch in a release.

“We have the best equipment and fashion editors in the industry, and it’s great to have a place where all this information can converge.”

From a Canadian publication perspective, there have been a lot of digital inroads  in recent years – many publications are offering online versions of their print issues, smartphone or tablet applications,  and mobile websites – but, it will be interesting to see if any publications will try to go the route of Golf Digest and build another digital-only property.

Golf Digest regularly updates its website, and continues to put out a monthly printed edition. I would argue, though, it’s their digital prowess that sets them apart from other golf publications.

Their tablet application is wonderfully interactive. Users are not just reading anymore, they are experiencing. Content is king, as they say. But the vehicle that content is delivered is becoming more frequently in the digital kingdom, and we’re the subjects.

If you’re interesting in subscribing to Golf Digest STIX, click here


Hitting the Links –

Day 1 of the WGC-Accenture World Match Play finally got underway today after a snowstorm delay yesterday. This is what happened to my bracket after the matches completed. That’s golf.

Ian Poulter makes an appearance in this month’s British GQ (GQ UK)

Cabot Links wants you to name its renovated pub. My submission? “Shots” (Cabot  Links Facebook)

Harry Rosen, in partnership with Porter Airlines & TaylorMade, want to sent you golfing in Myrtle Beach in style (Harry Rosen)

Stacy Lewis keeps up her strong play in 2012. Leads the LPGA event in Thailand (Golf Channel)

The newest edition of The Haney Project – featuring Olympian Michael Phelps – is set to debut Feb 25 (CTV News)

One more Brad Fritsch profile. This one from Farhan Devji (Carleton J-School Grad!) (Ottawa Citizen)


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