He Wore What?

Sports in general are very drab in terms of fashion. More people will make a splash with what they decide to arrive or depart the area/field/rink in, rather than what they wear on it. Golf though, doesn’t have a uniform (sorry Mrs. Pavin) and while out on the links people can wear whatever they wish.

And usually, they will.

Inspired by the fashion forward thinking of the world’s no. 1 golfer Martin Kaymer

The Buff - Martin Kaymer

last weekend at the WGC-World Match Play championship insunny snowy Arizona, I compiled a few memorable Golf fashion statements.

Thanks to the one and only Rick Young for his post about the Black-Fly Outfitters fishing scarf which Kaymer wore last weekend which prompted me to compile this list.

The Bucket Hat – Kirk Triplett
The School Boy Hat - Jesper Parnevik
Look at those pants! (Vol 1 - Ian Poulter)
Look At Those Pants! (Vol 1 - Ian Poulter)
Look At Those Pants! (Vol 2 - John Daly)
Legend - Payne Stewart
Unstoppable - Tiger Woods
The Best-Dressed Man in Golf History - Tom Watson

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