Today’s Touch: We Miss Golf

As the last wrath of Mother Nature’s long winter blows through most of Ontario (seriously, I’ve worn my winter coat and boots every day for the last five months it seems)  it was great to come across this video from golf apparel company Nonfairway.

Nonfairway just launched in early February with a Canadian connection. It has two offices – one in Vermont, and one in Quebec – not to mention its website is built using Ottawa-based Shopify.

It was founded by two longtime buddies with a passion for golf. They didn’t want to take the same ‘cart path’ (their words, not mine) as every other clothing brand out there with their products.

Nonfairway’s shirts are made from 70% rayon of bamboo, and 30% organic cotton. Quite the combination for a t-shirt. I’ve heard of a few companies using organic cotton in their shirts – H&M, Roots, to name some – and it’s noticeably softer.

There are some pretty cool designs, I’m partial to the “Be Right!” t-shirt. A nice casual look for off the course. 

For now, it looks as though Nonfairway’s products – hats and shirts – are only available online, so for more information check out the website here.


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