Today’s Touch: Some Weekend Dreaming

Rather than doing my usual “weekend reading” post this week  – likely to return next week – instead, I thought about doing some “weekend dreaming.”

While we’re less than a month away from The Masters, I found the full final round of the 1986 tournament on YouTube. All six hours of coverage.

This is the incredible finishing day – technically they are all “incredible” one could argue – where Jack Nicklaus triumphs at age 46 for his sixth green jacket.

Yes, as Jim Nantz famously said that Sunday: “the bear… has come out of hibernation.”

Speaking of Jim Nantz, (okay, so I guess there is some weekend reading after all) one of the most incredible interviews of a journalist I’ve ever read is of Nantz in Golf Digest from 2005. He talks about some of his famous Masters calls, and provides some fun nuggets.

You can judge Nantz all you want for his cheesy lines, but he is a pro. And quite frankly, it wouldn’t be The Masters without him.

That story can be found here and the video of final round is just below.

Update: This morning Golf Digest just posted a column from Dan Jenkins where he talks about some of his favourite Masters moments. Not to be missed.



I had the opportunity to attend the PGA Championship reception in Toronto on Thursday evening and afterwards met up with two fellow golf journalists.

An evening with the Wannamaker Trophy. Very cool
An evening with the Wannamaker Trophy. Very cool

Whenever you get golf writers together, courses they’ve played is likely going to come up, and Thursday was no different.

Hearing tales of all the places they have been was fascinating, and also inspiring.

So, I did what any other golf fanatic would do on a cold, winter-is-lasting-too-long, late-March day. I came up with a golf course bucket list.

Are some of the courses on the list WAY too aspirational? Of course. But I figure I have about 60 years of playing golf left to work on it, so I might as well think big.

It can be found in a separate tab above called “The List.” There are 40 total.

I’m not a golf architecture aficionado by any means so my list is random, more than anything. But it’s my list.

Speaking of “weekend dreaming” then: what’s yours?


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