Today’s Touch: Nice Balls

Golf ball selection has never been more difficult. It’s partially a good thing, as companies are all releasing top quality products for golfers of all skill-levels. However, it’s also overwhelming. There are a ton of companies who are all releasing multiple versions, and in some cases, multiple colours, of golf balls. The shelves at your local store or pro shop are a kaleidoscope of options.

So for many, picking the right ball can just be a random selection based on price or brand-affinity. 

But, do you really know what the right ball for you is?

Bridgestone Golf has released a new digital guide to help make the selection process easier.

The Bridgestone Ball Selection Guide is a simple online tool – accessible on desktop or via a mobile website – that has you answer a variety of questions and then lands on the appropriate Bridgestone ball for you.

First, you enter what kind of ball you currently play, followed by the model. Then your average score, driver distance, shop shape, and trajectory.

Yes it’s a marketing tool, but it’s a quick, helpful process that could shave strokes off your game.

I was matched with the Bridgestone e7. Some screen captures from the mobile site and desktop are below.

To see what ball is the right fit for you head to

Launch Page - Mobile
Launch Page – Mobile
Question No. 1 - Mobile
Question No. 1 – Mobile
Homepage - Mobile
Homepage – Mobile
What's your selection? - Desktop version
What’s your selection? – Desktop version
Results - Mobile/Desktop
Results – Mobile/Desktop

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