Today’s Touch: Weekend Reading – The Masters edition

With less than a week left to the official kick off to Spring, and the first men’s golf major of the year, the long pieces dedicated to The Masters are in bloom – just as the Augustan azaleas will be next week.

The annual Golf Writer’s Association of America dinner and awards reception will take place on Wednesday of next week, honouring the best in the business from 2012. I cited some of those winners in a previous edition of Weekend Reading.

For now, take a read through some of the other nice pieces on The Masters.

Bobby Jones was always a strong advocate of amateur golf, staying an amateur for his entire career. Amateur participation in The Masters is always important, and this year is no different – especially with 14-year-old Tianlang Guan in the field. Here, Kyle Porter from CBS introduces us to the six amateur competitors for 2013.

On Guan, here’s Jason Sobel on the youngsters confidence. He doesn’t want to win just one major, he wants to win them all (in one year).

Alan Shipnuck, one of the 2013 GWAA award winners takes readers on a ride through Bubba Watson’s incredible gap wedge that eventually won him the tournament.

Lorne Rubenstein is a constant Canadian presence at Augusta. Here, he discusses how Augusta more than golf, and opens our eyes to the 2013 Ben Hogan award winner – whose eyes remain closed to the world around him, but whose story is incredibly inspiring.

Another constant Canadian presence is Mike Weir. 2013 marks the ten year anniversary of his victory, and fingers crossed that he will be able to play (his rib injury is ever-nagging). I’m looking forward to seeing the television special on Weir’s win called “4 Days in April”  but until then, here’s the Golf Channel’s Mercer Baggs taking readers on a day-by-day journey through Weir’s victory.


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