Today’s Touch: Let’s Get Loud

Thanks to John Daly and outfits like this (and this, and this) Loudmouth Golf has become synonymous with brash fashion choices. Even if you don’t remember the name of the company, you’d remember the outfit.

This week, Loudmouth Golf announced the release of its iPhone app named Loudmouth Golf Tour.

The app is branded in the same bold manor as the company’s clothes, but it allows golfers of all levels to keep score and track detailed stats, while connecting with their golf buddies on Facebook.

In addition to also keeping score, the app allows golfers to engage with their friends through golf groups and compete with one another, manage the group’s stats, and play against other Loudmouth players.

An extra fun element is also included, where golfers can earn ‘Loudmouth points’ where they can unlock achievements and win Loudmouth merchandise by playing in Loudmouth-sponsored competitions.

“Many of us at Loudmouth have technical Silicon Valley backgrounds, so when we partnered with Weekend Warriors to design this app our goal was to create a product that has a Loudmouth effect – give Loudmouth Nation a new tool that makes golfing more fun and throw some good data in as the Cherry Bomb on top,” said Larry Jackson, Loudmouth Golf CEO in a press release. 

The app is available for iPhone only and is available in the App Store. And, although an intriguing concept, users can only download golf courses in the U.S. for now.

Loudmouth Golf Tour - launch screen
Loudmouth Golf Tour – launch screen

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